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Photo: CK Designs

Photo: CK Designs

Dubai, UAE, 17 November 2017: Ryan Trutch and Saeed Bin Towq of Dubai Autodrome were back in action in the desert to compete in round two of the 2017-2018 Emirates Desert Championship (3 November 2017). Trutch took to four wheels and Bin Towq contested on two. Here’s the latest report from Trutch and his team, Desert Storm Racing.

After a rather uninspiring round one start in October, Team Desert Storm Racing came back fighting for top honors in round two.

Round one saw Ryan Trutch come in fourth and teammate Stefan Cudby finish seventh, despite a blistering drive. Controversially the timing-system had failed, leaving the results open to ambiguity. This left Desert Storm Racing a little demoralized for the championship, but with higher numbers of vehicles entering the championship this season compare to last, they were obliged to keep a team presence at the event.

For round two the event returned to Lahbab where Trutch was familiar with the lay of the land. He started out in the second wave of the commencement order. Immediately at the start he dismissed the opponent starting alongside him and, after two laps of the 14km course, he was in visual range of the two cars that had taken off in the first wave with a one minute head start.

By lap three Ryan was hot on the rear tyres of teammates Rashad Faraj and Hadi Abdulla Hadi Ahmed, and a battel ensued with positions changing several times between Hadi and Ryan over the next two laps.

Then Hadi experienced some mechanical difficulties which left the path wide open for Trutch to chase down Faraj and slowly reel him in. In his Polaris Trutch was visibly quicker through the rougher terrain, while Faraj’s Yamaha was fast on the long straights. Trutch got really close to passing Faraj twice in a lap, only for the Yamaha to power up on the straights and pull away, making this the closest battle the Autodrome driver had ever fought.

On lap seven, while Trutch was nipping at the heels of Faraj, Faraj got stuck behind a slower buggy and Trutch seized the opportunity to pass both vehicles on an uphill climb. From there on the Polaris stretched its legs and also extended the lead, crossing the line 1min 22seconds ahead, claiming fourth overall.

Photo: CK Designs

Photo: CK Designs

Afterwards Trutch remarked, “It was an awesome race, an absolute nail-biting battle between Rashad and myself. Well done to him and thank you for the hard-fought battle. I look forward to the challenge in round three.”

At seventh Stefan Cudby also achieved his highest finish since returning to racing in 2016, but he had a relatively unchallenged race, maintaining the gap in front of him and also fending off anyone coming up from behind.

Click here for Round Two results

Round three of the Emirates Desert Championship will take place on 8 December, 2017.

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